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Help please.

Cruella CRUNK
Cruella CRUNK

Yeah, I'm still stuck in the tutorial mission. I used the doctor background and I can't do anything. I have been everywhere.. I have asked everyone everything and it always says I have no questions or evidence to help me. The only suspect I have is the first one.. the brother.

I'm going insane.

like.. how can I continue the game when it won't let me.

please help, before I rip my hair out.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

here's what you can do:

1) check your deadline, make sure u still have time to solve this tutorial case.
2) check the crime scene again (thoroughly using the "tab" key), pick up all the evidence.
3) repeat the same steps with each of the suspect's house.
4) analyze the evidence at the flop house.
5) check the fake alibis, to make sure their profile matches the evidence.
6) go to appropriate townie to match the samples to the evidence.
7) if you don't have 3 stars on the killer (fake alibi suspect), then ask other suspects for proof on this killer.
8) don't forget to ask for motive.
9) accuse the killer.

good luck.


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