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I need Help on solvng cases!

Sebastiano de bien
Sebastiano de bien

There are times that i have names my suspect but i can never get information by asking witness or other suspects.

The scenario is that I've found key with a name but when i asked for leads, it never appear. Is there any other ways than asking the suspects/ witness to get this information?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Each cases are solvable, only time when you're unable to solve it is when one of the following few condition happens, but i'll first tell you the reason why these conditions happen:

- No money for bribing (townies), to buy keys
- No gifts to offer (townies/suspects)
- No charm/intimidation left
- No research left
- Not subscribed

- When you don't have the above 5 things, then your possible solution is to quit the case or get a missed deadline

3)What will happen:
- If you're subscribed, even if you're out of money, charm/intimidation/research, your agency friends still can help you to solve your case for you to accuse, PROVIDED there's enough time before the deadline for them to find the required informations on the killer for you.
- If you're not subscribed however, there's still chance, don't worry about the harder cases (Very Hard, Very Very Hard, Incredibly Hard difficulty) until you have around $5000 in your pocket & learned a few decent skills such as:

Charm - Level 4
Intimidation - Level 4
Judge Of Character - Level 1 - 3 (depends on player)
Lock Picking - Level 1 - 4 (depends on player)
Hair Analysis - Level 1
Thread Analysis - Level 1
Handwriting Analysis - Level 1
Footprint Analysis - Level 1
Cosmetic Analysis - Level 1
Tobacco Analysis - Level 1
Negotiation - Level 3
Research - Level 3 (min), Up Level 8 (depends on player)

When you've the above skills, I'm sure you can solve even IH cases or harder, depends on which steps you took to solve them.

Need more details, contact the veteran players who have at least 100,000 xp, we're definitely willing to help new players.

Esperanza Gonzalez
Esperanza Gonzalez

Joseph, you forgot one more unsolvable case:

A dead suspect that held the crucial evidence. Especially if there are 3 living ones to choose from... Such cases are rare but they are nuisance. You have to quit unless you want to risk FA.

Also, you don't have to have research skills at all, like you said, depends on the player.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

lol...for unsub players, yes, they do need to worry about dead suspect, even for sub players, they do have to worry about dead suspect.

only if they've learned Necromancy Skill, then there's new hope for them to find 3 stars. Of course, they need to have enough charm/int to ask every single suspect for proof of the killer.


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