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Some stats on SoM


My PC was kind enough to get all detectives stats. So I can give you some rough numbers on the SoM community.

Players: 220,000

Subscribers: 1.5 °/oo (i.e. around 300 people or 2K$ a month)

Active players: 10\% ("active" means connected at least 1 time in the last 30 days or something like that)

1 of 5 player doesn't go through all the "create your new detective" pages (their detective is listed as "new_detective"). Ben could save 20\% of SoM's disk space by getting rid of those detectives.

average solved cases: 9

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@ sissy: yeah, i definitely chat ^_^ I almost chat with our members every single day, except for weekends of course. ^_^


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