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Hello I'm Bilbot


My name is Bilbot. I am an hommit. I don't know either what an hommit is. I don't like to press the enter Key: my mom says I'm a onliner, lol :(. My challenge is to go as high as possible without subscribing and spending any skill points as a redemption for killing Milmot2. You can join the challenge too by creating a new detective and adding your name here. There will be a lot of fun, yeah, at no cost, yeah, and little time, yeah. Whoever says yeah again is a dead person: I was trained by Vladimir Putin and Sarah Palin, yeah. Bang.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Cind: Ohh, I put (Dark Side) behind my name because I choose a dark skin avatar, instead, the real me actually is fair skin ^_^


OK, Bilbot I will take the challenge.


I hate the tutorial though.


Welcome Cind.

For the tutorial, make note who is the murderer: you'll know who to accuse with your next char, if any :)

A clarification: if you get a false accusation, is is OK to clear your records by paying Shaddy. I have no way to tell, whether you did so or not, so it would not make sense to forbid this anyway.

As quitting or missing a deadline counts as FA and you have no way to clear these counters, you are better off getting a FA than quitting or missing a deadline :) It will make your agony a bit longer, as you'll have to play easier games to earn back the money, you gave to Shaddy.


Bilbot is your agency still giving money away? I didn't get any yet.


5th report:

We double the number of challengers: 6 players :)

VVH are not too hard. IH are less hard than I thought. I'm nearing the 160 average. What else could I wish?

name: background exp / solved cases (average)

- Bilbot-the-hommit: Burglar 22,860 / 148 (154)
- *Eliza*: Dilettante 2,360 / 40 (59)
- Cind: Dilettante 30 / 3 (10)
- -David-: Burglar 80 / 6 (13)
- edw2: Detective 310 / 12 (26)
- Joseph Chen (Dark Side): Reporter 960 / 24 (40)

All time record: 22,860 (Bilbot-the-hommit) (*)

Burglar record: 22,860 (Bilbot-the-hommit) (*)
Detective record: 310 (edw2) (*)
Dilettante record: 2,360 (*Eliza*) (*)
Doctor record: 0 () (*)
Lawyer record: 0 () (*)
Reporter record: 960 (Joseph Chen (Dark Side)) (*)

(*) average too low.

Joseph Chen (Dark Side)
Joseph Chen (Dark Side)

Awesome!! ^_^ I've done the hardest case offered to me, however, in those VHs that I've done, I've yet to find a document, so it would be very challenging to finally unlock my 1st faction boss later.


Oh, Bilbot has already gone over 160, excellent!

Just done a HARD favor. Report as follows:

Crime Scene: Gunshot, 1 handwriting (RH), 1 hair, 1 thread, 1 tobacco.

Suspects: 5 suspects, FIVE alibis towards tobacconeer(!), $200 and 1 intimidation consumed, 4 (2 males,2 females) fake alibis(!!) (except #3, male), 1 of them (#4, female) got killed afterwards.

Proofs: Picklocked #2 (male, RH), matched handwriting but proofed no other PEs (tie consumed for tobacconeer) or VEs (2 intimidations consumed). 1 flower consumed to #5 (female, LH) for 1-star VE against #1 (male, LH). Bought key($120) to #1, matched all 1-star PEs(!!!). Asked #5 for #1's motive and safely accused #1. Weapon not yet found.

Comment: Not quite worthy for sacrificing 2 2-Q gifts to gain 1 3-Q gift.


A few tricks I used in such a case:

1) When several suspects have the same alibi (like I was with the Tobacconeer), I hope to find out who has a real alibi first. Generally the other suspects with the same alibi will have a fake alibi, so I don't bother checking their alibi.

2) when suspect X says "I was with suspect Y", Y has always a real alibi (at least so far) which is "I was with suspect X" or "I was with suspect Z". In this case, Z's alibi will always be "I was with suspect Y".

3) There will always be two suspects, who were with each other (thus having a real alibi).

4) With 7 suspects, most of time 3 will have a real alibi (2 suspects being together) and 4 a fake alibi. So once you find, who has a real alibi, besides the 2 lovebirds, you can assume that the other suspects have a fake alibi.

5) I try to visit only the houses of a suspect with a fake alibi, or for which I have a key. I buy a key in the last resort (in easier cases, keys are common so you may find the key, that you need, in a house).

6) I never accuse a suspect, possessing the murder weapon, without checking his/her alibi first (generally (s)he'll have a real alibi :(

7) In harder cases, you need to rely on 1 physical evidence and 1 or 2 witness evidences to get 3 stars.

8) For us, manipulation skills starving players, bank safe keys are a boon, when we find a motive in the safe. In other words, always check the bank vault before asking a motive.

Detective Sissy Andrews
Detective Sissy Andrews

Great minds think alike :) This is how i solve all my cases.

Bilbot you've come a long way with just your basic skills, you're a real genius, i know it's not impossible but still i must give you creadit for it.. I wish i could play more often, i play 4 cases a week :( but now that Cind, Joseph and other players have joined i'll try to play more.


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