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Case Giver and Case File Changes

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Three new changes have gone live today. Thanks to those of you who sent me feedback on these issues.

1) If you quit or are kicked out of an agency, any private case files are now marked as not-private. This is just to prevent private case files from sitting around forever when somebody leaves. All such existing stale files are now marked not-private as well (this is retroactive).

2) You are no longer allowed to store favor cases in Case Files. This change is not retroactive, so if you have favors sitting around in case files, they are still accessible. This change (along with #3 below) is meant to make treasure hunts more competitive and longer-lasting.

1) Most Case Giving Contacts now give you one less case option at a time.
15-39 = 1 Case offered
40+ = 2 Cases offered
The exception is your original Contact (Sergeant or Reporter), who will still offer 2-3 cases. The primary reason for this change is to make Treasure Hunts tougher (and hence worth doing), but it should also make contact building a little more interesting. I realise the downside of this is that older players had an easier path than newer players, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives on this.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben,

Talking about choosing the right townie for the favors in TH, could you possibly allow us to do 3 times Special Missions, so that we can reset our favors?

lol...if i'm asking too much, maybe its because of all the complains, so i just want to voice out my opinion. ^_^


@Azar: thanks for your encouragement. I do appreciate a lot. But what drives me is not being first, is curiosity.

Ben triggered my curiosity with the hard cases givers, now I have integrated them. I need new things. I was hoping for AI cases but none so far. Either there are no AI cases in SOM, or Ben is not ready, or I didn't find the way to get them. Whatever the reason is, it doesn't help me subscribe again. I don't mind waiting till the game is completed in one year or two :)

For THs, I don't agree on the more boss / no TH starting issue. There are 2 solutions:

- keep stocking those mission documents and you can have 3 bosses and start hunts too (granted not every day).

- or you keep only one boss (you "only" lose 2 cases) and can start a hunt every 2 days (if you don't lose a boss mission).

Part of the fun playing a game is make decisions, as, in contrast of real life, they have no consequences.

But I agree on the fact THs are dying although I don't consider, that 2 agencies trusting THs is advisable either. I "dream" of the good old days (roughly this summer) where every agency was starting hunts.

@Joseph: 3 Boss missions a day would be too much: if you win all 3, a boss can get +15 standing points a day. This means that a TH starter detective can start 1,5 hunt every day :) However the opportunity to reset the favor cases once or twice would be nice, but you need to sacrifice something to do so.

Adding my 2 cents worth:

My main detective has now 8 case givers. They offer me 11 cases to choose from. It was 14 before the change as I had only 6 case givers. So the difference is not that big. I can even put more points in the basic case givers (reporter / desk sergeant / morgue assistant) to bring that total back to 14. The reduction in the number of cases offered is thus a non issue for my detective (but I do *hate* to have to click on 8 case givers to see what they are giving but Ben already got my message :)

As I think that all top players will have 8 case givers sooner or later, this will be a non issue for them too.


Adding my 2 cents + taxes worth: (damned interface not telling you, you've reached your max number of chars)

This leaves 2 questions open:

1 - What about younger players?

The more time they need to build a top-notch detective, the greater the chances are for them to stop playing. That may not be such a bad thing as they are better things to do than spending too much time playing on computers.

However, the harder the efforts, the sweeter the reward (or recompense).

When I started, I had a lot of cases (7!) and got 5 points from each solved favor cases (0 when unsolved) whatever the case difficulty or the current standing points.

This brings me to these ideas:

a) while a detective has not unlock a middle case giver (bishop / mayor / mob boss), (s)he stays with the good old rules (3 cases max / 5 points a favor).
b) when a detective unlock his/her first harder case giver, (s)he should be given a free subscription (if his/her detective's name begins with "mil") or be applied more restrictive rules.

2 - should the basic cases givers take part to treasure hunts, as it is a very long and uncertain way to bring a townie in its 40's?


some more word to clarify my point on younger detectives.

We have three categories of detectives

- junior detectives (JD): they have only the basic case givers
- senior detectives (SD): they have unlocked at least one middle case givers but no harder case giver
- grumpy old detectives (GOD): they have unlock at least one harder case giver

and bots but this would make 4 categories :(

The rules would be different for each category as in real life (children can't swear, adults can, older persons shouldn't).

JD -> 3 max cases number / 5 points a favor (no penalty for unsolved case)
SD -> 2 max cases number / 3-7 points a favor (penalty)
GOD -> 2 max cases number except harder case giver/ 3-7 points a favor (twice the penalty). A harder case giver will always give 1 case but if you have more than 40 with him, you get access to AI cases.


To make things more interesting, I think that:

- the first detective reaching 1 million exp points mark should be awarded a free subscription
- the first detective reaching 2 million exp points mark should be awarded a free subscription
- the first detective having unlocked both harder case givers should be awarded a free subscription
- the top 2 and top 3 agency members should be awarded a free subscription so that they can a chance to beat the top 1 agency without spending a fortune
- the most funny detective in forum should be given a chance to shut up to give other detectives the possibility of being funny without being ashamed. It is time for me to take that chance. It was a privilege / honor / pleasure / great opportunity / lots of fun playing with you.


Another bug:

when you reset a detective, the missed deadline counter is not reset back to 0.

Another question:

when does an agency die? No member left, no more money in the safe to pay for the rent?

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Ok, folks.

SO, It's been roughly a week and I've gotten a lot of negative responses about the lower number of cases available and really nobody has come out saying they like the change.

While I do feel that the game would have been better off if those rules had been in place from the beginning, it appears that it's just not a change that people want made at this point...

So, I will be switching the number of cases back to the old rules (2-3 for all case givers, depending only on your standing) on Sunday. I'm hoping to add a couple of other new things on that day as well.

Thanks for helping me with this experiment :)

Detective Sissy Andrews
Detective Sissy Andrews




age : 1 days

erin wright
erin wright

thank you sooo much!!!!!


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