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Case Giver and Case File Changes

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Three new changes have gone live today. Thanks to those of you who sent me feedback on these issues.

1) If you quit or are kicked out of an agency, any private case files are now marked as not-private. This is just to prevent private case files from sitting around forever when somebody leaves. All such existing stale files are now marked not-private as well (this is retroactive).

2) You are no longer allowed to store favor cases in Case Files. This change is not retroactive, so if you have favors sitting around in case files, they are still accessible. This change (along with #3 below) is meant to make treasure hunts more competitive and longer-lasting.

1) Most Case Giving Contacts now give you one less case option at a time.
15-39 = 1 Case offered
40+ = 2 Cases offered
The exception is your original Contact (Sergeant or Reporter), who will still offer 2-3 cases. The primary reason for this change is to make Treasure Hunts tougher (and hence worth doing), but it should also make contact building a little more interesting. I realise the downside of this is that older players had an easier path than newer players, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives on this.



Only one word: pathetic. I'm stupendously sorry for you. I'd wish I could help you again but you have exhausted all my resources.

The good news: I'm so happy by the wide victory of Mr President elected Obama , and as I don't have to sve the world anymore, that I have decided to renew my subscription.


Ok I was given a Gift sub and it was nice helped build an agency then got moved to different agency and helped build it up too. I can't afford to resub right now due to lots of wonderful medical bills ect. (I snapped of my right hip ball and about 2-3" of my femer from the rest of my leg 13 weeks ago)

I couldn't do much during the first several weeks due to a higly uncomfortable chair ect to sit at the computer but either way I've grown very BORED with SoM. I log on because I have people I talk to on here and maybe some fooling around on the boards. If it weren't for that I would have resigned my current agency and allowed my account to go inactive.

Something I would like to see would be the cases be more intereactive somehow IE allow you to input information 50-100 Characters per suspect in the case file. Set it up so you have to escape from someones house while trying to gather evidence or happen to overhear something, like on Noir finding a schedule book ect. Yes recieving items would help too breifcases, brass knuckles hats coats ect ect ect. I've not spent a whole lot of time playing around on my Noir account but I did find it enjoyable for being unsubbed it's simpler in some ways but at the same time it seemed more enjoyable because you could do things as well with it. I'm not trying to whine and gripe here I'm just putting forth some suggestions that for someone whom spent over 1/2 of their play time unsubsribed it would help.

Also creating a list of nonsubbed Top rankers might be an idea too give those of us whom really tried to build up skills and things as well. I spent like 3-4 months straight and got my player up to about 14k XP and was proud of myself but you wouldn't know it due to the fact I was too low for my age range ect.

This is just a few thoughts I've had on some things.


Sorry to hear about your hip MM, a table of unsubbed wouldn't work because someone would unsub just to be at the top of it.

@Ben, has the reduced case modification affected the harder case giver's enhancement? I haven't had a case for locksmith/stylist since the reduction in cases.


I'm not sure that Ben will answer such a question but I did notice too that I got less locksmith/stylist cases too (in fact I thought I got "too" many cases locksmith/stylist a week ago).

If the choice of townies is truly random, it can be normal. Less cases means less townies thus less locksmith/stylist cases. As you pay more attention to these townies, they seem to be rarer.

And, if the choice is not random, Ben won't tell us :)

Detective Sissy Andrews
Detective Sissy Andrews

Ben, i can not take it anymore.. I know that you asked us to wait for a week or so but since everyone else is complaining i might as well get this off my chest.. See change is good but i don't see what good comes from reducing the number of cases especially when you're playing IH cases because previously i was usualy offered about 2 IH and one VVH or 2 VVH and one IH so i always had the chance to choose the IH but NOW i'm offered only 2 cases and it's not always an IH case and i'm forced to play VVH cases for less exp. points..So i want that extra case again...
Another thing yesterday it was time for a favor case, the morgue assistant and the reporter offered me favors but the mob boss didn't. 0.o....
One last thing before i go, let's say i'm offered 2 cases, one for tailor and one for shoemaker, i log out and i come back again to find totally different favors.. Again very confusing.

That's it for now..


Even when I had 8 cases offered by the bishop / mayor / and mob boss, it happened that all cases were VH or VVH.
In that case, you can play a beginner case (it saves a lot of time) and hope for an IH game next time.

Anyway, your best chance for IH games is to unlock other bosses.


I'm having problems when playing this game the first time i had trouble entering the living rooms it said loading 0\% and stayed there but i gave it a few hours and now I can't enter the bedrooms it keeps saying loading but does not go anywhere just stays at 0\% once again. what's going on?


Milmot - I was wandering, when You will change Your mind. Many detectives (in flesh and blood or another Your clones) begged You to stay and ... at last - there is Milmot on his white unicorn :), who can save the world (maybe game, doesn't matter). That was very good PR campany (truly).

Ben - we are waiting for Sunday (previous Sunday You claimed, that we have seven days to observe consequences of changes).

Like You see - THs are almost dying ... Like I posted previously - we have some kind of paradox - less cases from case givers - all detectives have to open at least two old faction bosses, but then they will be no more interested in TH opening (Special Mission rules with -5 penalties for other faction) and .... squaring the circle. We will have more opportunity to choose right townie, but we have no volunteer to open TH :(

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben,

Talking about choosing the right townie for the favors in TH, could you possibly allow us to do 3 times Special Missions, so that we can reset our favors?

lol...if i'm asking too much, maybe its because of all the complains, so i just want to voice out my opinion. ^_^


@Azar: thanks for your encouragement. I do appreciate a lot. But what drives me is not being first, is curiosity.

Ben triggered my curiosity with the hard cases givers, now I have integrated them. I need new things. I was hoping for AI cases but none so far. Either there are no AI cases in SOM, or Ben is not ready, or I didn't find the way to get them. Whatever the reason is, it doesn't help me subscribe again. I don't mind waiting till the game is completed in one year or two :)

For THs, I don't agree on the more boss / no TH starting issue. There are 2 solutions:

- keep stocking those mission documents and you can have 3 bosses and start hunts too (granted not every day).

- or you keep only one boss (you "only" lose 2 cases) and can start a hunt every 2 days (if you don't lose a boss mission).

Part of the fun playing a game is make decisions, as, in contrast of real life, they have no consequences.

But I agree on the fact THs are dying although I don't consider, that 2 agencies trusting THs is advisable either. I "dream" of the good old days (roughly this summer) where every agency was starting hunts.

@Joseph: 3 Boss missions a day would be too much: if you win all 3, a boss can get +15 standing points a day. This means that a TH starter detective can start 1,5 hunt every day :) However the opportunity to reset the favor cases once or twice would be nice, but you need to sacrifice something to do so.

Adding my 2 cents worth:

My main detective has now 8 case givers. They offer me 11 cases to choose from. It was 14 before the change as I had only 6 case givers. So the difference is not that big. I can even put more points in the basic case givers (reporter / desk sergeant / morgue assistant) to bring that total back to 14. The reduction in the number of cases offered is thus a non issue for my detective (but I do *hate* to have to click on 8 case givers to see what they are giving but Ben already got my message :)

As I think that all top players will have 8 case givers sooner or later, this will be a non issue for them too.


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