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Case Giver and Case File Changes

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Three new changes have gone live today. Thanks to those of you who sent me feedback on these issues.

1) If you quit or are kicked out of an agency, any private case files are now marked as not-private. This is just to prevent private case files from sitting around forever when somebody leaves. All such existing stale files are now marked not-private as well (this is retroactive).

2) You are no longer allowed to store favor cases in Case Files. This change is not retroactive, so if you have favors sitting around in case files, they are still accessible. This change (along with #3 below) is meant to make treasure hunts more competitive and longer-lasting.

1) Most Case Giving Contacts now give you one less case option at a time.
15-39 = 1 Case offered
40+ = 2 Cases offered
The exception is your original Contact (Sergeant or Reporter), who will still offer 2-3 cases. The primary reason for this change is to make Treasure Hunts tougher (and hence worth doing), but it should also make contact building a little more interesting. I realise the downside of this is that older players had an easier path than newer players, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives on this.

Ford Fairlane
Ford Fairlane

Oops I did it again: Ford = Milmot2. Sorry.


On second thing; AA hadn't made any progress, just opened it and left it. Therefore they did not lose any standing points with townies, just faction head which can be made up easily by special missions.


I was going to put my two cents in again, but I decided to let it go. Ben, Azar has much faith in you and your program. He has me content to let you try what you want. It takes a big person to do that. Azar is a very intelligent, a gentle man filled with wisdom. He would never try to take advantage of anyone. He has posted before that he is not quite comfortable with his English language. I think that he does a great job and I am very pleased with his English. Also I know for a fact that Milmot2 knew a long time ago where Azar was from.

Like Milmot2 stated before to me, It is time to turn the page. I may not be all that happy with the changes, but I am going to give you the opportunity to do what you think is best for Sleuth Shades of Mystery. You are the one that did wrote the programming and If anyone else thinks that they could do a better job then they can also write their own program.

I want to apologize to Ben and to others for getting upset before I give Ben a chance to do what is his right to do as it is his program and not anyone elses.

Milmot2 if you choose to write your own program and put it on the web, please let me know and I will try it out.

Ben, thank you for being a person that came out and stated that you might have made a mistake in what you have done, but those things can be corrected. Also Ben thanks for your job of putting up with complainers like me. I don't know how you do it.
Last but not least, thanks for Sleuth Shades of Mystery.

Also It is me Cinderella.


First thing - Yes, I was waiting for that argument. You can't beat us, so You should to make Your own rules, which much more suit to You :) OK, You have the right to do it. Maybe You should add Your points from time, when You was in Metro :)

I know what decided that You couldn't beat AIU - team work. We work together versus Yours machines (of course I remember about real person: Erin and BrandiElle) and that is another proof, that human brain can beat unfeeling machines :)

Second thing - racehorse's point of view (a pinch of abstract sense of humour) - You have Your opinion, which are stronger then rocks and there are no force on Earth and Heaven which persuade You to change Your mind.

By the way it took place, when You was retired (as we see temporarily). Funny thing - You logged as other detectives and waited - maybe people will cry after You, beg You to return ... :)


I'm very sorry for you: you seem impermeable to basic logic. AIU started July with 18145 fame points. KKK started anew with 0 fame points. Thanks to good planning and dedicated players, KKK climbed up the ladder till top 2 in 4 months, 12K points behind you. As 12K is less than 18K in every language, it means KKK was *virtually* top 1.

To clear up things, I threw a challenge that puts us on an equal footing. You didn't have the courage to take it. So everybody can draw their own conclusions.

The fact, that a bot can play Sleuth the same way a human, means simply that the game is not brain challenging enough. The message for Ben was and still is: make the game more challenging the smart way. For instance, more suspects or more rooms per house is *not* a smart way. I have some ideas on the smart way but I have no interest to disclose them.

I was too scrupulous (and still is) to launch a full scale bot attack on AIU (I have 5 PCs at home). I think it is unfair to use machines to beat human beings and serve no purpose besides bruising egos. And your attitude qualifies you as "not a worthy opponent" even for a bot.

I don't like when people tell lies even about me: I wrote that I'll retire when my subscription ended, which is in 2 days. So I'm true to my words (at least for 2 days). 3 weeks ago, I got really bored and stopped playing. I just connected once in a while to read the forums in hope for goodies and answer some Sleuth mails.

A few days ago, Hallelujah! Here they are: new case givers, hence my come back (to your dismay). Now I'm the only one to have both hard case givers unlocked and the first one to have solved a RH game in SOM: quite a feat you were incapable of ;) Yes, Mom, I know that bragging is bad.

After solving that first RH game, I found out, that I put too much hope in harder cases: I'm already bored. Always the same thing, always the same playing strategy, just more clicking to do (a bot loves that, I don't).

I love this game but it is dying: no more showdowners, only a few agencies playing hunts, same top de


@Azar: and now the conclusion

I love this game but it is dying: no more showdowners, only a few agencies playing hunts, same top detectives since months ago, same top agencies, same people talking in this forum. Seeing such a marvelous idea dying, hurts my feelings badly (I hope I'm only over pessimistic). In such a case, I can't refrain from doing something. On one hand , I tried to warn Ben (I succeeded, perhaps too much). On the other hand, I tried to bring back some life in the game. My last attempt was the fair challenge thrown at you. To my dismay, you declined.

So I'm not begging people to cry for me. Unfortunately I'm a bot (my master will come back soon) so human beings mean little to me. But, Boy oh Boy, I'm in love with this game. Dear Sleuth Shades Of Majesty (I hope you don't mind me calling you Majesty) will you marry me?


Like I said - racehorse's point of view.

You mentioned about our private PM - so You bring it to the public, like You wish. Let the other detectives decide if I am "not a worthy opponent" without courage.

Milomt PM:
To bring the fun back, here is a proposal:

- let us create 3 small temporary agencies (4 detectives)
- I'll try to convince Erin, Joseph Chen and Terri Queen (from Metro) to populate one.
- Cinderella, Droid, Night Owl, and you for the next one
- Smarty, Kacirek, Mr E. Mann and Choco-mints (if she feels better) in the last one.

and check who is first in a month.

Then we go back in our original agencies.


My answer:
Hi Milmot2,
Your proposal is not challange for me. I founded, created and take care of agency and my detectives, because I want to have a good team. I have to feel, that they trust me and know, that I am a good boss. It is a reason why we don't have any virtual detectives. All are in flesh and blood. After doing such thing like You propose - I would loss their trust. Good atmosphere inside agency - this is for me the most important.

Like You wrote, You are senior programmer and it is shown - You don't like team work. You, and only You is important to Yourself. I understand it, but I have other style.

You had Your chance - tried to catch AIU, but ...

Agency is not saloon, where is revolving door. It is a kind of idea and that is the reason why I reject Your proposal.

There is one positive thing in Your propose - You described (more or less) rules which are implemented in AV legue. If You play(ed) in Noir You know what I mean. If not - there are two or three team (three members in team). In the same time all participants start AV hunt - who will end first - is the winner. It tooks average 5 days. Maybe Ben will implement it sometime.

Best regards,


Oops. Please excuse bot #132. I tell it already that it is forbidden to speak in forums but it doesn't know the meaning of forbidden (yet).

I didn't know it was so good at telling sad stor

--- master bot control off at 0.5677643452

Damn bots: always doing what they like when I'm not here. But, Boy oh Boy, I love what they write, especially bot #659 (it is my joke writer).

I wish all a Merry Xmas and an happy New Year!



I beat you again on this one.

Messages already posted in

Don't get mad: be happy ;)

Remember it is only a game and game means win *and* lose. If you can't lose in a game, then there is no point in playing it.

I hope you'll love the new rules Ben is cooking. I may come back when the game reaches its full version.

Now time to reach the 2 million exp points milestone (more than twice your current experience), find out what are the gifts for harder cases, and prepare my retirement speech.

See you.


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