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Case Giver and Case File Changes

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Three new changes have gone live today. Thanks to those of you who sent me feedback on these issues.

1) If you quit or are kicked out of an agency, any private case files are now marked as not-private. This is just to prevent private case files from sitting around forever when somebody leaves. All such existing stale files are now marked not-private as well (this is retroactive).

2) You are no longer allowed to store favor cases in Case Files. This change is not retroactive, so if you have favors sitting around in case files, they are still accessible. This change (along with #3 below) is meant to make treasure hunts more competitive and longer-lasting.

1) Most Case Giving Contacts now give you one less case option at a time.
15-39 = 1 Case offered
40+ = 2 Cases offered
The exception is your original Contact (Sergeant or Reporter), who will still offer 2-3 cases. The primary reason for this change is to make Treasure Hunts tougher (and hence worth doing), but it should also make contact building a little more interesting. I realise the downside of this is that older players had an easier path than newer players, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives on this.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

hi Ben,

Since you're updating quite a lot of things, why not consider about this as well:

Favor Case - Allow the players to see how long is the deadline of the favor before accepting it.

I'm sure a lot of players will appreciate this change. ^_^



"we have been avoiding taking hunts away from the younger agencies because we want them to grow so we have some competition."

-> not true: you "stole" treasure hunts from us (we are a younger agency) and avenging angels. Although I don't care much for our THs, I thought there was no honor (watch too much Star Trek lately) in the "avenging angels" theft.

-- end of this discussion --



Ford Fairlane = Milmot2. Ford, BrandiElle and KJoMoore left the game and trusted me to take great care of their detective. So I have to play 5 detectives (L.D. Wallen is BrandiElle's pet detective) every day hency my need for a good bot.

What I tried to write was even a young programmer would do better than you but I failed. Now I feel depressive again.

As a senior software manager, I pay attention to everything including the polishing. A junior programmer saying that polishing is not important will get a good kick in the butt or a gentle tap on his hand (NCIS's Gibbs is my hero). A senior programmer would ust get a pink slip.

I used the mail tool to tell you about some typos I found (like "firend") a few months ago. Those typos are still tarnishing your fame.


Like I see You are very "literally" man (maybe men :)).

First thing - fight during KKK and AIU - it was competition between two very strong agencies with more-less equal potential. I think, that Ben was very happy with that competition, but it could be only one :) (You like quotation from movies - it is "Highlander" - very good movie, by the way)

Second thing - It is true, that Avenging Angels opened one TH, which we (AIU) finished. AA is quite young, but good organise agency, which are tested game as for now. Opening TH was one of the test. Unfortunatelly for them - they opened the longest TH (9 clues), which they had no chance to finish. We were waited two days for their move, but it wasn't happened. Then we finished that TH.
Now is time for movie - it will be S05E13 Stargete Atlantis (last week) - main characters was judged for a few bad think, which they done unintentionally and no one take into consideration, that that heroes save the Galaxy of Pegasus hundred times :)



"First thing - fight during KKK and AIU - it was competition between two very strong agencies with more-less equal potential."

Not true: KKK was created on July 1st so had 0 fame point at that time. How many did AIU have? Subtract that from your current fame and we are on an equal footing.

"Second thing":

I'm sorry English is not my mother tongue and I'm sober. I don't understand what you wrote.


Hm, the show must go on:
first thing - we (AIU) have over 24000 fame points more then KKK. Score AIU on 3rd July (Yes, I have noted that things): 18145. Any comments?
By the way - potential and actual score - there are different things.

second thing - English is not my mother tongue, either. But You know about this and that is the reason of Your comment. I hope that other detectives understand that point.

Ford Fairlane
Ford Fairlane

No comment: 1815 means we were *virtually* top 1 in mid October before I took a break (the difference was only 12K). So I'm very happy: mission done (I thought you had far less points in July).

Beating you in the real score is either impossible or take too much resources for what it is worth.

As we say in French: victory without peril means triumph without glory. So happy victory to you. Glory is enough for me.

As for the second thing, I didn't know English was not your mother tongue (that is the first time we share so many words). So I wasn't joking on you and I really don't understand what you wrote. What I understand is "we took the case from Avenging Avengels as they were too slow to complete it". As Avenging Angels is a younger agency, it is normal that they need more time to complete a hunt. So I think it is not a good reason. Anyway it illustrates my point: Droid wrote "we don't take hunts from younger agencies" and you wrote "yes we did and we are not ashamed".

Ford Fairlane
Ford Fairlane

Oops I did it again: Ford = Milmot2. Sorry.


On second thing; AA hadn't made any progress, just opened it and left it. Therefore they did not lose any standing points with townies, just faction head which can be made up easily by special missions.


I was going to put my two cents in again, but I decided to let it go. Ben, Azar has much faith in you and your program. He has me content to let you try what you want. It takes a big person to do that. Azar is a very intelligent, a gentle man filled with wisdom. He would never try to take advantage of anyone. He has posted before that he is not quite comfortable with his English language. I think that he does a great job and I am very pleased with his English. Also I know for a fact that Milmot2 knew a long time ago where Azar was from.

Like Milmot2 stated before to me, It is time to turn the page. I may not be all that happy with the changes, but I am going to give you the opportunity to do what you think is best for Sleuth Shades of Mystery. You are the one that did wrote the programming and If anyone else thinks that they could do a better job then they can also write their own program.

I want to apologize to Ben and to others for getting upset before I give Ben a chance to do what is his right to do as it is his program and not anyone elses.

Milmot2 if you choose to write your own program and put it on the web, please let me know and I will try it out.

Ben, thank you for being a person that came out and stated that you might have made a mistake in what you have done, but those things can be corrected. Also Ben thanks for your job of putting up with complainers like me. I don't know how you do it.
Last but not least, thanks for Sleuth Shades of Mystery.

Also It is me Cinderella.


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