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I am wondering what other detectives feel about Judge of Character.

I think that if someone tells you that they will answer two questions then they should answer two questions. Not say, I don't know. You can do a JOC and get someone that says that they will answer 2 questions, so you ask them one question and they answer it, then for the next question, they clam up. I am really wondering if JOC is worth it.

The JOC doesn't seem like it is performing its job. I say that if you spend so many valuable skills on JOC, then it should work as stated.

Just my opinion.

Alf Nordhus
Alf Nordhus

I don't see your problem, Cinderella.

The point of JOC is to determent whether it's wise to use charm or intimidation to get a suspect to answer one or two question(s) i.e:

In a case, you need to get information from one person about a suspect's motive AND any proof this person has about the suspect. When the person is clammed up, you have two choices:
1) use "charm" or "intimidation" and HOPE the one you pick will make the person answer the two questions (If you are lucky, you will get your two answers "in one go", so to speak. If not, you have to user "charm" or "intimidation" again OR
2) use JOC to determine whether "charm" or "intimidation" will make the person answer the two questions "in one go".

Thus JOC is very useful to determine witch of the two to use when you only want them to answer one question. This is to me a great advantage, because I don't have to "waist" questions.

If the person don't know the motive or is unable to give you any proof against the suspect is not really interesting, when discussing the value of JOC, as Drake69 mentioned. Even if you had the ability to beat the person up or threaten him / her with a gun, as you said, they still wouldn't be able to give you the answer(s) you want.

Furthermore: If one should follow your train of thought, all suspects should have the same information about everybody; everyone should have (the same) testimony / proof, everybody should know every motive and they all should have leads.

I wouldn't like the game this way, so I say it's NOT "...too bad that Ben doesn't let the detectives buy guns and forget the charm, intimidation, or bribe. OF course the JOC."


well, it says, JOC is supposedly tell you whether they'll be better effected by either charm or intimidation. So, that's how it works..but i have to agree with you. I hate it when you ask a question and they give you something that is absolutely useless.

Alicia Duval
Alicia Duval

Luck plays a part in this game, and personally I think it's more interesting that way. So yes, sometimes you're unlucky and the person you ask doesn't know the answer - well, life's like that...


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