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Eloy Marple
Eloy Marple

Now on the right board. :)

I'm collecting points to bring my negotiation skills to the next level. Today, before taking another case, I was running the complete city up and down twice and couldn't find who will substitute Julie, the Realtor, as my next trainer, since she can't teach me any further.

Does anyone know who's the negotiation trainer for the 4th skill point and above?

Thanks in advance for any tip.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

if you want, you'll have to look around the town & check with the townpeople to see who can teach you, but according to a good source:

It turned out that either:
1) no one did learn the level 4 of negotiation
2) even if someone learn it, he/she didn't share the information
3) maybe a hidden character is teaching it, so unless this hidden character is found, no one will know who is teaching level 4 - 6 negotiation.

Good luck.


Negotiation Level 4 and up are now available.


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