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Agency Taxation

Andrew Solomon
Andrew Solomon

Don't you think it would be a great idea to have some sort of "taxation" in the game? By this I mean that the agency would receive a percentage of all fees received by it's members.

It could be done in a controlled way and could in fact be set by the directors. Therefore you could have a 5\% tax rate in some agencies and a 15\% tax rate in another agency. This would introduce a nice economic element to the game and give the agency managers a great way to manage fund raising.

Any thoughts out there?


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

How about those participating in Treasure Hunts received a percentage of the reward money in return as they've used their contacts in TH?

starter automatically gets: 10\% of reward money
for each favor contributer gets: [(reward money - 10\%)/total favors] * no of favors used

that would greatly improve the chances of members contributing in TH. ^_^


*s* is a good idea..but...our agency (AIU) states that those that participate in th do not need to pay rent...I think that is 'payment' enough...anyways....if you're in an agency...I would hope that fellow members help out if needs be when Shady comes into the picture

as TC said..the system we have now works pretty good


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