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Harder Case Givers... At Long Last

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Well, for those of you paying attention, I promised to release harder case givers "no later than the end of August", live and in person, way back on episode 1 of Sleuth Radio.

Then, at the end of August, I said "in another week". After that I just stopped promising timelines.

Soooo, anywho, here at last, and (almost) worth the long wait:

It is now possible to unlock harder case givers than the three faction bosses. I'll leave it up to all of you to figure out the details, but the mission involves some of the previously under appreciated denizens of Sleuth City.

There are a few other goodies thrown in there for you over achieving top-of-charters too.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Azar,

I think the answer to your concern is Yes, they will be use in TH, but of course, they're only useful until you've unlock the bosses, after that, they have no use. Which in return, if the contact points for Realtor, socialite & priest drops to zero, then the option for them to decode the note also will not appear, now that's smart way to make sure players have at least contact points = 1 for those 3 minions, while using them for TH while they're above 25.

Maybe my answer sounds stupid, but i'm just voicing out my idea. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

sorry for double-posting:

good day ^_^

the game is getting interesting now that Kacirek has unlocked her new faction boss, but however, the contact points of this boss starts at doesn't make sense coz contact points = 5 doesn't get new case offer.

I wonder what is happening now...

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Sorry to hear we're losing you Milnot, but I can understand if you've maxed out. Obviously we haven't been in a position to add as much new content lately as we would have liked.

I like a lot of you suggestions. We're definitely interested in making Treasure Hunts more competitive. Not allowing favors to be stored makes sense.

I was thinking that another thing that may help is to reduce the number of cases case givers offer. Currently, each case giver offers 2-3 cases depending on standing. I was thinking of reducing that number to 1-2 for all of them except your original contact (that way new players still get some choice).

As for having Showdowns run all day. It's a balancing act. Having them happen too often means that you're less likely to have more than one person show up for each particular showdown. I suppose if there is more in-game reward available then that would balance that out...


Thanks for your answers, Ben.

For showdowns, it seems that nobody is playing showdowns anymore (or the routine that displays the last results is broken). So something needs to be done :) As a player in Europe, current starting times are not practical when you have a real life.

For case givers, simply choose, say, 8 townies for each favor cases run. Each case giver will be allocated cases for townies from this list. No matter how many case givers you have, you won't get an (unfair) advantage in Treasure Hunts over younger players.

I think that reducing the number of cases given by each case giver is not a good idea as it is very time consuming to hop from one case giver to another (it takes generally several seconds).

Sabine Eden
Sabine Eden

I don't think this has been mentioned as a possible twist to some of the mysteries, but I was thinking, "What would happen in the real world if you were searching someone's house and they came back unexpectedly?" That could add some interesting complexity. I mean, it shouldn't happen all the time, obviously, and in a way, I hate the idea that I'm not safe while I'm searching. What I was thinking is that if you added this, you could also add some kind of ways to get out of it--like if charm works on the suspect, then you could use some to convince them that the door was unlocked or whatever. And maybe you could also add inventory items that would get you out of the situation, like uniforms or whatever. Then if the person searching the house was not the person who originally questioned the witness, they might be able to convince them that they got into the house legitimately as police officers or whatever.

Not saying you have to incorporate any of these, just throwing the suggestion out there.

jarrek lander
jarrek lander

I like some of the things mentioned,but how would case givers giving less cases help anything?


What about when a detective must kill time by drinking in the bar, ect they get get something that will help them in the game.
Perhaps Barteneder could give them a clue
Priest a blessing of some sort
Coffee Shop could give a voucher for a question
The department store a credit that could be saved up to buy something.
I hesitate to send this because I am new and have already been called a wierdo, but you did say all suggestions are welcome.


Hi Ben!

2 suggestions:

1) to bring some order and facilitate your job, create two new forums:

- new ideas for the game
- bugs, typos and other proofs we are human

If we put one idea / bug in a message, it can be discussed in one thread

2) make the interface (GUI) of the game more consistent (i.e. everything works the same way everywhere) and more streamlined (i.e. the less clicks need to do an action, the happier we are).

A few hints:

- "Back" should always bring you to the previous screen. E.g. when you go to the safe in the bank and use a key, "back" brings you to the "bank" screen but it should be the "safe" screen.

- I find it useless and tiring (I'm getting old and I need to save my forces to become again the real Santa Klaus in a few weeks) to have to click on all case givers to see what they have in stock for me. One screen listing all cases would be great (and make a nice Xmas gift).

- When I click on an evidence or a clue, I always take it (it never harms to take it). So I think that the confirmation screen should be an option. When you implement booby trapped evidences, we may choose to reactivate that screen.

- The background music is the greatest music I ever heard since Mozart or Bill Cinton playing saxophon but it is a nuisance when you try to watch some hot videos on a computer (last Sarah's strip tease was a real eye candy even for a French) while playing sleuth. Either make the default for music to be off or give us the option to mute all music in our profile.

- Adding navigation buttons to other boroughs on each borough screen will save a trip to the city screen.

- When an action is not possible, it should be grayed out not hidden. E.g. the list of suspects that appears when you interview another suspect should always be the same (the interviewed suspect's name should in the list bu grayed out). This way a suspect's name is always at the same place in the list whomever you interview.


typos in my last message (Rudolph is a good proof reader).

- "Sleuth" and not "sleuth" (but it is a good pun).

- "but" and not "bu": you can kick my butt.


I know that Mozart couldn't play saxophon, since he was deaf. What I meant is "Mozart's songs as sung by Celine Dion after she watched 2 Sarah's strip teases in a raw" but I thought it was a bit too long. So, Rudolph, think twice before lighting up your nose.

Typo on correction:

Yes it is dead not deaf and I know, please Rudolph pleaaaase, that no dead people can play any music instrument. I meant that Saxophon was invented after Mozart's death.

Typo on Typo on correction:

The "pleaaaase" is intended: it means I'm getting angry at Rudolph and you may find some reindeer meat in your Xmas gifts.

Typo on Typo on Typo on correction:

None so far. Rudolph, I see you...


Wow Milmot2, you are the funniest guy on board :) Thanks so much: I laughed so much I lost my dentures.


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