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Nikki Nicholls
Nikki Nicholls

This has now happened to me twice and I just wanted to throw this out there to Sleuthville to see if there is something wrong with me...

I have had 2 cases that literally could not be solved. And the only explanation I can come up with is the dead guy has the last piece of WE I need to get 3 stars. I search and triple-search both crime scene and houses of those with a fake alibi, ask everyone who is alive for proof for both suspects, and still cannot get 3 stars against either of them.

So if the answer is really that the dead guy has the proof, how in the world would you ever solve it?



There is probably a signed note somewhere or another that you have not seen. You will have to enter each house and revisit the crime scene as well. Press the tab key in each room, which will show even the more difficult to spot clues. Good luck.


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