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How long does it take to progress from the newbie/easy/intermediate cases to the hard/very hard cases. I think I've got my P.I. game down tight and would like to test my skills.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

it wouldn't take too long but make sure you start collecting mysterious documents, so that you can unlock harder cases ^_^


That might sound misleading, so here's the deal.

You'll eventually get H-VH cases just by solving them, but it also depends on your case contacts...IE...the reporter tends to give easier cases than the morgue assistance...but there are 3 total, desk sergeant, reporter, and morgue...alll of whom offer cases at 15 standing. and they will offer up to VH cases.

If you want VVH-IH cases you'll have to unlock a faction boss, by getting either the realtor, priest, or socialite to 30+...and to do that you have to do favors for them (just like with the guys above). In order to get offered favors for them you have to have at least +1 standing with them, and to get at least a +1 standing with them you have to give them a mysterious document. However, you must be careful not to even them out.

I have a page dedicated to a method of getting all three of them over zero so you can work them all up simultaneously. Check out
Mysterious Documents at the following site.



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