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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi All,

I would like to ask for opinions again, is it better if Sleuth Admin make a change for PE into Gender Specific during matching.

Let say I've analyzed a thread that belongs to a man. When I go to the tailor to match it, only man suspects (which I have sample) to appear, rather than all suspects, in regardless of male or female.

I do accept when i'm unable to analyze a PE, the lists will be full, but when I know its a male thread, I think female suspects shouldn't appear.

Kindly discuss this matter ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

lol Cinderella,

is there such a meaning for Ben to solve my cases for me in my post?

to make things clear for you:
1) I found a thread
2) I analyze the thread, it belongs to a male suspect
3) I go to the tailor to check & I hope Ben would implement it so that female suspect wouldn't appear in the checklist (of course I have to have the samples for those male suspects)

Make sense to you now? ^_^


Joseph, I knew what you were talking about. I don't need you to clarify what you said. I am not stupid. The more things that you want Ben to do to help your Detective, the more things, you will not have to do.


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