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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi All,

I would like to ask for opinions, would you vote yes or no if Sleuth Admin implement a Vacation Mode. What I meant by this Vacation Mode is that if we're busy in our real life, we can set our detective to Vacation Mode. Either we can choose Vacation Mode Type 1 or Type 2.

Type 1: During Vacation Mode, our subscription is disabled, and we can only do 4 cases a day (same as non-subscribe members).

Type 2: During Vacation Mode, our subscription is disabled, and we can only login for chatting, posting msg and so on, but can't do any cases.

Share your opinions with me. Thank you very much.


Dr. Elsa Schneider
Dr. Elsa Schneider

It's always hard to know how revenue will change when you implement a new idea. Even if the individual price goes down, if it is a popular change, subscriptions will go up and thus overall revenue can still be increased.

What I think would be nice is to pay for a set number of cases instead of just a month's worth of play. In other words, I'd prefer buying a commodity to buying a service. So, in 30 days, at 6 extra cases per day, that is 180 extra cases. If that costs $9 (or 5 cents per case), I might spend $9. If I could buy, say, 20 cases for $1, I would definitely give it a try!

People who really play the extra 180 cases/month will still spend $9. People who want to play more than 300 cases/month will be able to. Those who want to play somewhere between 120 and 300/month won't have to spend all of the $9 to do so.


The second is better. Well, Sleuth Admin likely will disagree. you know? but i vote fo u, ok?

Phallis JayGee
Phallis JayGee

Jul-17-2008 00:16

I might consider subscribing if there was such an option available.
I agree.


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