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I thought this was just another flash game, nothing special....and then i played through one case.
now im addicted! and i stumbled upon message boards and realize this is much more than just a flash game, its submersive and has many fun aspects to it that require strategy and long-term planning.
so it seems on one of the sites i visited, it gave advice on the best background to choose on the detective you create and it seems i chose the worst one. so i would like to retire my detective and make a new one, the problem is. i already subscribed on her and dont want to go through failing 3 missions just to have her retired for me. is there someway i can voluntarily retire her and have my subscription go onto a new detective i create?
i searched the forums here and the help file and see nothing that tells me how to go about doing that.
i appreciate any help and i look forward to becoming an active participant in your lovely community here.

Thanks! :)


OMG...I created a new detective to get a look at all the starting stats again and I didn't realize I was posting under her...hahaha.

The "new_detective" was Me. Sorry...Ben can delete her I won't be using her, but I wanted to remember the backgrounds! :D


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