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Strange case

Mark Tolson
Mark Tolson

I just a strange case difficulty level hard.

Having investigated the crime scene I found 3 pieces of physical
evidence plus a note that gave me a name. As always you get
the first contact automatically so I went there first and talked
to him and also went back to search his place. Afterwards I went
to the second suspect and talked to him and searched his place.

Now here is the strange part. Neither talking to or searching
their places gave new suspects. So I was left with 4 unlocked
suspects and no way to find out who they were.

However, after checking up on all 3 pieces of physical evidence
and a possible murder weapon I discovered, I found that every
single piece matched one of the 2 suspects I had plus he had
a fake alibi - case solved!

Has anything like this happened to anyone else? The fact that
I couldn't unlock 4 suspects and was lucky enough to pinpoint
the killer was perhaps just my luck. But I suppose I must have
experienced a glitch in the game.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

My shortest case where the murderer is my client, found the murder weapon in his house, confirmed his fake alibi and used research to find his motive. ^_^ But not as short as 7 hours.


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