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Corrupt a Wish


Okay, so I know this was a big hit over on the Sleuth Noir boards, so I thought I'd start the game over here!

So for all newbies out there, here's how the game works. The person before you posts a wish. You make that wish come true, but with a little twist. Then you make a wish of your own. Like this:

User 1:
I wish I had a pony.

User 2:
You have a pony, but it bites you on a semi-regular basis.

I wish I could find true love.

User 3:
You find true love, but the person you fall in love with is frightfully disgusting and your entire family hates him/her.

I wish I had a good wish.

And that's basically how it goes. Get it? Got it? Good. Let's get to wishin'! I'll start things off...

I wish I was psychic.


You get a free car and win the lottery, but immediately get into a fender bender with Bob Loblaw (pronounced "blah blah blah"), that lawyer with the obnoxious TV ads from Arrested Development who is always suing people. He claims whiplash and winds up with your entire lottery prize.

I wish I were 23 years old again and knew what I now know about men.


You are 23 and have your vast knowledge of the male speicies, but you find your old college crush and get together with him again because you think you can make it work out. You can't, he dumps you, you go home and eat a whole vat of chocolate icecream. Now your fat, stuck back in school, and you know way more than anyon else so no one loves you. :( sorry.

I wish I had an endless suply of non-rotting food that i eat all i wanted with out getting fat and i don't eat myself to death and i don't have un-satable hunger

Jerry Whoop
Jerry Whoop

Wish granted... but you sit in the washroom for hours and hours because you eat tooo much.

I wish I was the worlds richest person.


Of course! *wish*
But sadly you are evrywhere and robber and criminals want every penny and you are assasinated, and you have no other family, and if you do they will be homeless!
Keep up the wishes guys! I even have my own jingle:

If you wanna wish
I'll make it come true
But your wish will turn your life upside down
Back to the drawing board for you!

You think you will be happy
With all the things you ever wanted
your wish will probably be the death of you
And your mansions will be haunted

I love corrupting wishes
Coz thats what I do
If I didnt make people wishes go horribly wrong
I'd lose my job blame it on YOU!

If you ever want a Wish which goes wrong call: No1 wish corrupter Nikkisnoop or email me Whatever as long as you wish get enaliated I'm happy!

Dr Amnesia
Dr Amnesia

Granted - your wish to corrupt all other wishes comes true! But your pleasure in doing so decreases by 50\% every time ...

I wish I had a genie in a lamp who would grant me endless wishes.

Lucius Iroquois Plissken
Lucius Iroquois Plissken

your wish of a genie who would grant endless wishes comes true, but you will forever be bound for all eternity to a paradox of simply reliving the act of wishing for what you want and NEVER getting it. So you'll get your wishes granted, but you'll never partake in them as each time a wish is granted you'll instantly be in another wish granting segment in an endless cycle

(smartest wish u could ever make Amnesia, it's what I'd do. Nice wish)

I wish for nothing at all. (deal with that one! lol)


You get nothing at all and you regret for the rest of your life that you would have wished for something awesome so you go into depression and die of lonliness.

I wish for the biggest and best house in the world.

Elle QC
Elle QC

You have your wish! But the house is so big that you get lost and cannot find your way out. Also because it is the 'best' your friends are intimidated. They don't want to visit as they feel uncomfortable and inferior. So you are stranded there, lost and alone for all eternity.....

I wish that I always knew the right thing to say at the right time.

Lucius Iroquois Plissken
Lucius Iroquois Plissken

Your wish is granted, but although you have the ability to always know what to say at the right time, the time is always set to "wrong" in your world, thus you never get a chance to display that ability.

I wish that the person below me couldnt grant my wish. (i'm determined, lol)

Lucius Iroquois Plissken
Lucius Iroquois Plissken

*edit* I wish that the person who posts next couldnt grant wishes (there we go, worded that better)


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