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Welcome Newbies (please read)

ms helen
ms helen

Welcome to your new addiction :)

Now first let me say a big thanks to CFM who had the original idea for this thread on Noir. Now that the boards are starting to have large amounts of content on them, I think it's about time we brought the thread over here.

You will find hints and tips as well as the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on here. If you read nothing else whilst you're on this site then please please please take the time to read this thread, you will help us oldies out no end by doing so I promise.
Remember this thread isn't designed to go into anything in depth but mainly tell you the basics that you need to know about the site. If you still can't find what you're looking for try searching the first couple of pages on the boards, quite often you will see what you are looking for without having to post a new thread. If you still can't see what you are looking for then feel free to ask
You may see some minor spoilers in here but nothing that should really affect your enjoyment of the game.


PE - Physical Evidence, items found in suspect's homes which are matched up to evidence found at the crime scene.
WE - Witness Evidence, evidence found from suspects when the 'proof' questions is asked.
FA - False Accusation, you will get one of these if you accuse an innocent person. 3 FAs and your detective will be retired.

You will find that some players have their own abbreviations but these are the most common abbreviations that you will need to know.

How do I know if they are guilty?

The simple rule is 3 stars + a fake alibi = guilty.
If you find a murder weapon (3 stars) and they have a real alibi they aren't guilty, ever. You must have a fake alibi in order for you to accuse. If you can't find all your stars via Physical Evidence then you will have to ask other suspects for proof.

ms helen
ms helen

I can't find any Evidence, what do I do?

There is always one piece of evidence at the crime scene; unfortunately sometimes it can be very hidden. There are a couple of ways that can help find that elusive evidence. You could do a pixel hunt, essentially just moving your mouse over every inch of the screen and watching for the cursor to change to a hand. Or you can use the tab way, by pressing tab you will see every clickable area on the screen allowing you to see if you've missed anything.

I'm missing Suspects what do I do?

There is always at least one way of finding each and every suspect. The 3 ways to find suspects are:
Alibis - ask suspects
Leads - ask suspects
Yellow Notes - found at the crime scene and in suspects homes.
Although keys will give you the first name of a suspect they will NOT unlock the suspect for questioning. Even though you will find out their first name you will still have to 'unlock' them via one of the above methods.

How do I earn money?

The simple answer to this is, solve cases, you will earn money for each case solved. Start off with the easiest cases possible until you have some money saved and try not to buy keys or bribe unless absolutely necessary. Don't ask suspects for motives, you can ask the fact checker, bartender, receiving nurse and waiter this. You will also find other suspects keys within suspects homes and the crime scenes. Try only to buy keys for those who have fake alibis, you really don't need anything from suspects with real alibis at low level cases. It's only higher level cases where you may need to break into valid alibi suspect's homes. You can also make a little cash by selling gifts at the pawn shop. You will receive gifts when you complete favour cases.

ms helen
ms helen

How do I learn skills?

You will need skill points to learn new skills. You will get skill points by solving cases. Once you have enough skill points you can visit the towns people when you are NOT working on a case. Different 'townies' will train different skills eg. Shoemaker trains footprints analysis. I won't tell you who trains what half the fun is finding the person you need  However all you need is a little bit of common sense to find the person you want.

False Accusations and Retirement

If you accuse an innocent suspect, your detective will have a False Accusation added to his or her permanent record. If you accumulate three False Accusations, your detective license will be revoked and you will be forced into retirement. At that point you have the choice to either reset your detective, or start over with a brand new detective.
Reset Current Detective - If you choose to reset your current detective, that detective will be reset to zero experience, no equipment and only the starting skills and contacts appropriate for your detective's background. Your detective will lose their place on any high lists and any items carried. They will not, however lose membership in their detective agency.
Start over with New Detective - If you choose to create a new detective, that detective will start from the absolute beginning. If you have an active subscription, it will be transferred to your new detective, but no other account data will be transferred. Your old detective will remain retired. They will maintain their position on any high score lists. You can login with a retired detective, but you cannot play any cases with them.
You can remove FAs by visiting the fixer at the bar. However be warned the price increases dramatically the higher your exp is.

ms helen
ms helen

Reply deleted by Moderator.

ms helen
ms helen

Quits and Missed Deadlines

These do NOT affect your detective in way at all. It is much better to quit or miss your deadline than to get an FA. There is no way to get rid of these they will always be on your record but it's nothing to feel bad about. Nearly all of the top detectives have several of these on their profiles.

Detective Agencies are teams that players can create and join. Members of an agency can help each other with cases and share equipment. If you want to join an existing detective agency, take a look at the Detective Agency Recruiting message board in City Hall. You should find a few messages posted by Agency Directors or Officers looking to bring on new members. If you want to start your own agency, save up some money and head to the Real Estate Office. Assuming you have enough cash for a down payment, you can rent headquarters and establish your agency. Another option is to pitch in with a few other detectives, to share the down payment cost.
I've found a bug/typo, what do I do?
Quite often it's not a bug it's just player error, such as not finding a piece of evidence at the crime scene. If however you're sure it is a bug/typo then there is a bug reporting tool that can be found on the community pages.

One last note from me for now, please label your posts so that people know what to expect when they enter it. Titles such as 'help', 'I'm stuck' and 'confused' are less likely to be answered than 'Where do I find the charm trainer?'

Simone Dubois
Simone Dubois

Don't ask suspects for motives, you can ask the fact checker, bartender, receiving nurse and waiter this.


I think Ms. Helen meant: Don't ask suspects for "whereabouts," you can ask the fact checker, bartender, receiving nurse and waiter this.

Tuppence Tommy
Tuppence Tommy


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the Sleuth Help File on the home/login page or, click the little 'Help?' link RIGHT NEXT TO the 'Logout' link on the bottom right of your computer screen. When you are just starting out, this Welcome thread, as well as the Sleuth Help File, will explain a lot of basics.

For anything else, READ the message boards first, go to the underground websites ( and, and then. . .AND ONLY THEN. . .post your question on the message boards.

POSTING ON THE MESSAGE BOARD (although most of us veterans are really nice) SHOULD BE next to YOUR LAST RESORT. (The last resort being PM'ing a veteran, since we are busy working cases as well.)

Frankly we vets (and I'm sure the moderators included) are tired of reading and answering the same basic questions over and over again, especially those we had to research and discover ourselves when we were newbies.

Ms. Helen. . .Sleuth Shades, thanks you. . .this was right on time!

ms helen
ms helen

LOL thanks for correcting me there Simone, after so much writing my mind I think gave up :D

Ynnev Mycroft
Ynnev Mycroft

Thanks. I'm not working on a case right now and I've just discovered the Forums.
Anyways, I agree that it's difficult to answer the same basic questions over and over again, especially if we had to research and discover ourselves as newbies. So far, I've solved cases, overdued on one and had a freaking FA. I'm so dumb not viewing the community page before solving cases. I find it useful since I can confirm the basics that I've learned. Thankfully, I did learn those things/tips even though I've never read this before starting to continuously solve cases--I regret it since it's what newbies like me should know. Still, though, it's definitely worth reading this. I thought I've gone far in learning things here but I was surpised when I learned that they are just the basics!
Thanks really. I think I have to solve more beginner and easy cases...I just have to.
Again, thanks.... I'll definitely do my best!!!
Mitteimasu, minna...watashi wa gambatteiru yo!!!



ok how is it that when i accused the person that had 3 stars on someone for having the weapon that killed the guy, it was wrong. I thought 3 stars meant they were guilty

Lady Jas
Lady Jas

3 stars PLUS fake alibi is what you need to accuse.

If they have a real alibi the can NEVER be guilty!


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