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Game Announcements
Information about updates to the game -- Only Admins can post new threads on this board
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Newbie Questions
We're all Newbies Once
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Sleuth Talk
Anything remotely related to the game
Feb-10-2019 08:07 Mar-21-2019 04:41
Detective Agency Recruiting
A place where Detective Agencies and prospective members can come together
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The Gumshoe Lounge
Socializing and Chit Chat
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Role Playing Stage
Wake up your inner Thespian. Posts that are not in character will be deleted.
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Message Board Game Room
Riddles, pub games, word association and all other sorts of message board tomfoolery.
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The Legendary Codex of The Druids

The Legendary Codex of The Druids

Faction: The Order of Socrates

Reward: $7000 & 350 Fame
The Famous Falcon of Ghengis Kahn

The Famous Falcon of Ghengis Kahn

Faction: La Cosa Nostra

28% Mr. Darling
0% Ivory Draigh
Reward: $8500 & 425 Fame
The Sacred Falcon of Timbuktu

The Sacred Falcon of Timbuktu

Faction: Dies Arcanum Brotherhood

0% Nancy Drew Clue Crew
Reward: $11500 & 575 Fame
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