Agency - Law and Order Investigations


Mission Statement: Fight Crime! Have FUN and solve as many cases as possible.

Founded: Mar 8 2017 Fame: 8408 Treasures Found: 0 Website:


avatar Director ChelseaRae92 Experience: 7250 Moonlighting Dilettante

avatar Director Lady Silva Experience: 39360 Moonlighting Dilettante

avatar Director Solva Case Experience: 131020 Moonlighting Dilettante

avatar Director Viola Pine Experience: 299600 Retired Lawyer

avatar Agent CarolDean Experience: 7860 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Agent Casaubon Experience: 3400 Disillusioned Police Detective

avatar Agent christiangeek95 Experience: 3150 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Agent Da Godfather Experience: 18590 Reformed Burglar

avatar Agent Dave Bender Experience: 12310 Moonlighting Dilettante

avatar Agent Treez Experience: 540 Freelance Investigative Reporter



Warehouse Warehouse

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