Agency - STASK


Mission Statement: We play just for fun and to enjoy......

Founded: Sep 13 2013 Fame: 34382 Treasures Found: 30 Website:


avatar Director Nicole Molloy Experience: 1375530 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Director Really Red Experience: 2405720 Disillusioned Police Detective

avatar Officer lafede Experience: 403970 Retired Lawyer

avatar Agent Bjyman Experience: 624480 Disillusioned Police Detective

avatar Agent Elroy Cohen Experience: 106630 Disillusioned Police Detective

avatar Rookie Arya Sloane Experience: 4430 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Rookie qewi12 Experience: 7170 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Rookie Sherlock Spenser Experience: 1650 Disillusioned Police Detective



Warehouse Warehouse

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