Agency - Ivory Draigh


Mission Statement: We work in rain or shine, from the darkest of night to the brightest noon day and overtime too! Tough as IVORY and tenacious like a DRAIGH. WE ARE IVORY DRAIGH.

Be afraid, be very afraid...

Founded: Nov 20 2009 Fame: 348576 Treasures Found: 325 Website:


avatar Director Carl S Experience: 4708700 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Director develin Experience: 2183850 Moonlighting Dilettante

avatar Director Dijar Experience: 196510 Reformed Burglar

avatar Director Dreamcatcher Experience: 5064450 Retired Lawyer

avatar Director Jayneromina Experience: 7264760 Disillusioned Police Detective

avatar Director SKYBURNER Experience: 28751520 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Officer heart broken kid Experience: 337040 Reformed Burglar

avatar Officer JDavC Experience: 1468580 Retired Lawyer



Refurbished Mansion Refurbished Mansion

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