Agency - The Blue Geranium


Mission Statement:
'Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.'

Sherlock Holmes

Founded: Jan 1 2011 Fame: 62249 Treasures Found: 94 Website:


avatar Director Bessie Smith Experience: 1434660 Disillusioned Police Detective

avatar Director Detective Lechat Experience: 5175420 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Director Horton Smith Experience: 380390 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Officer Beatrice di Tenda Experience: 57860 Retired Lawyer

avatar Officer Detective C. Kane Experience: 249860 Moonlighting Dilettante

avatar Officer Floria Tosca Experience: 129750 Disgraced Doctor

avatar Officer Inspector Graham Experience: 242140 Retired Lawyer

avatar Officer Ninianne Experience: 72280 Freelance Investigative Reporter

avatar Officer Papagena Experience: 265200 Moonlighting Dilettante



Large Office Large Office

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